The Program

9-12 Months

Holistic rehabilitation deals with lifestyle transformation which takes long term investment. Long term rehabilitation allows counselors to identify residents' personal triggers that keep them caught up within the cycle of their addiction. 

We spend these months digging deep and truly getting to and dealing with the root and cause of the addiction and its triggers, while learning how to create and maintain healthy functional lifestyles. The long term program allows us the time to focus on mending broken or damaged relationships.


We run a rolling syllabus of valuable teachings that help residents to see the truth of the state of their life. These teachings equips residents with the tools to overcome their personal obstacles and to refine their character and lifestyles back to a healthy state.

Study Material

‚ÄčThe Heart of Addiction

   (Biblical perspective on addiction)

Relapse Prevention

Biblical teaching on the body,

soul & spirit

The Battlefield of the Mind

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Pride

Dangers of Unforgiveness

Rebellion & Sedition


The Power of Commitment

Breaking Curses &

     Releasing Blessings

The Marriage Covenant

Sex, Love & Lasting


Seeing Jesus As He Really Is


All residents participate in daily chores in and around the centre. These chores are designated to teach residents responsibility, work ethic and how to take care of their living environment. These chores teach residents basic life skills so that they are able to reintegrate back into society as functional contributing members. All chores and areas of responsibility are inspected at a high standard of excellence.

Examples of chores


Cleaning rooms & houses

Feeding pigs & chickens

Growing the vegetable garden

Tending to the gardens

Church & Worship

We have a church service on campus every Sunday, lead by our head pastor, Ps Karl Leonard. 

We have two 1 hour worship sessions and a prayer & testimony evening during the week. These are beautiful opportunities for residents to develop their personal relationship with their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Upon admission into the program residents have a 2 week period with no communication with their family to give them a chance to adapt and settle into the program and to detox from the familiarity from their life of addiction. This period is very effective in breaking old habits and addiction lifestyle choices. It also creates a longing and an appreciation for their families


After the 2 week period has passed residents will have a weekly 5 minute call with their sponsor and/or family members. Residents also have to write a letter to their families once every 2 weeks. All phone calls are monitored to ensure that they are positive and constructive.


We run a tuckshop on the campus where residents buy toiletries, treats, stationery, coffee, tea and cigarettes etc. Residents are allowed a maximum monthly allowance to use in the tuckshop.

They are not allowed to share any of their belongings or purchases. This is a crucial part of the program as it teaches residents how to budget, manage their finances and steward their belongings.


The Centre of Hope has a monthly accommodation fee of R9200 and a tuckshop fee that the parents/sponsors can determine within a limit of R1000.

Fees can be paid up front or on a monthly basis.

Physical Training

This part of our program focuses on renewing the body, from admission and detox to creating a new healthy lifestyle. All residents participate in mandatory physical exercise 3 days a week. This is divided into 2 group workout days and 1 personal workout day with our fitness counselor.

Residents set their personal fitness goals and they are scored each week on their progress. A personal exercise program is designed for each residents according to thier goals of improving their fitness, endurance and strength in all the body muscle groups. We have a well equipped gym at the centre that residents are encouraged to use in their free time. 

Fun Activities

Night game drives are an exciting favourite among residents where we go looking for the wildlife on the farm under the star filled night sky. 

Residents can enjoy ping-pong, pool, darts, cricket, volley ball, fishing, bush walks and the swimming pool in the camp. We host friendly tournament nights where residents compete in teams and learn to have "clean" fun. We have movie nights over the weekends and a braai night every Saturday.